For Mothers

For Mothers: trust your instincts

Do you ever wonder whether you should say “yes” or “no”?

Do you ever consider you might have been too harsh? Or too lenient?

Do you ever wish you had all the answers for your children’s demands and desires?

The truth is, you do know best!

You can trust your instincts, I believe.

I wholeheartedly believe that innate within us, is the knowledge of what is the best way forward when we have a decision to make for our children.

Give it time

When we give ourselves time to ourselves, when we resist the demands or urges or persuasions of our children, when we examine what we know of their personalities, needs and desires, we will know the best way forward.

So, let’s take time to reflect. Let’s take time to ponder our finances. Let’s take time to weigh the strengths and vulnerabilities of our children, and then make a choice confident that in the long run, we know what is best for them.

Being honest with ourselves, then being honest with our children, we can build them to be the best people they can be.

And that surely is the objective for us all.

Every blessing and Happy New Year!

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For Mothers: Motivaton

Dear Mothers,

I want to encourage you to stay motivated, whatever your circumstances.

Recently, I was chatting with a lady whose children have already grown and left the nest. She said the thing that struck her most when the last had gone, was that for a time she lacked motivation because her reason for doing the things she normally did was gone. Her motivation was gone because the need for the tasks was gone… or at least she temporarily thought the need to do was gone.

Wow! I thought immediately of all of you. And I thought I need to write about this:

What is our reason for being?

This isn’t just about empty nesting though… This is about us as mums and our reason(s) for our activities, our reason(s) for doing, our reason(s) for being!

Build a life

As for me, I’m about to build a new life because my only son has left for adult life (yes, of course he’ll visit!) 

Don’t we all need a piece of our lives that is our own? It may be a small piece amidst parenting, spouse, job, friend, and/or family. But even a tiny piece that is our own “space” is important. It’s just something else to think about beyond our every day responsibilities, as much as we love them:) A little hobby perhaps, or a special pal we can share with, is important — a piece that is a part of our identity, that is personal, that we can call our own…

This moment in my journey

In the full scheme of things, both my life and my son’s life has changed. I’m a single parent (my husband passed away in 2021). I’m mother to one young man. What will be my motivation for being who I am now that he is independent?

I can fill my life with empty activities…. I shan’t do that.

I can fill my life with people…. Yes, that’s partly a good idea but only to a point.

I can fill my life or leave a hole…. Or I can contemplate and then decide what to do.

Think first

I’m big on contemplation personally. I think aimless busyness isn’t really good or productive. I prefer to choose my adventures and my fellowship wisely.

Building my life? I’ve no agenda and no idea what life will look life in 12 months’ time. I am continuing to do the useful activities, in all their varied shapes and sizes that I already have in my life. And I’ll continue to engage with friends and family, and if they’ll have me, I’ve a little more time to give to others than I did before September. And I can make some new friends.

But what really matters, I think, is for me to keep looking outward and upward, with hope and expectation, that purpose will unravel or reveal itself to me. I need to keep alert to opportunities that come along and be open to making changes to my own life patterns.


Be open! That’s the operative key, I think. Let’s stay motivated by engaging with opportunities. If none come along, we may need to ‘stoke the fire’ a little… go out of our way a bit to meet new people and have new conversations.

I like the sound of that.

Being a mum is time consuming and very engaging. But always we need to find time to build something of our own, so that when the house shifts, such as it becoming empty of children, we need to have other things that interest, challenge, engage us.

We are mums. But our identity goes beyond being mums. We are women, we are joyful because we are mums and we are joyful and hopeful that good will come out of every circumstance. Sometimes that takes time, sometimes it’s immediate, but I think with my whole heart, good will always come.

Every blessing,


For Mothers

For Mothers

For Mothers

Hello Mums

I’d like to say “Hello” to any mum that might come across this blog stream. “Hello Mums!”

By way of introduction, I’m Rev Dr Sarah Tun. I’m a mum as well as being a watchman of the LORD, an author, an intercessor. Here, I’ll be sharing from my viewpoint, issues and thoughts as a mother. My aim is to share: to open up you the reader to me, so we can get closer and learn together how GOD is moulding us, shaping us in our roles as mothers (which never ends regardless the age of the offspring, so I’m told).

So here we go….

Today’s topic: A Mother’s Conscience.

Here is the question:

Do we ever get things 100% right? And if we do, do we ever allow ourselves the pleasure of enjoying we have got something 100% right?

My quick answer is to say, “Nope.” On the whole as a group, I speculate that we never can quite allow ourselves, by nature of the care and concern our biology or psychology provides, to say, “Yup, I got that perfect!”

Do you disagree? If so, how about this:

Have you ever thought you got something absolutely right? And how does the frequency of that compare to your thinking you got something absolutely wrong?

Why is it that — as I reckon it anyway — that we are predisposed to sabotaging ourselves? Could it be because we are predisposed to encouraging others and putting ourselves last.

What do you think?

Whether we are Mary types or Martha types* (see Luke10:38-42), whether we rest at Jesus’ feet (once the children are fed and we manage to have a quiet moment) or run around constantly to make sure everything is done which we think needs to be done, ultimately, resting is not easy for us is it? And when we do enjoy it, how long does it take before we feel regret? Yes, we can enjoy Jesus but we are predisposed are we not, to have an eye on our family and feel we’ve let someone else down if we’ve rested too long or enjoyed ourselves too much.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree? Feel like sharing your story? Please do!