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A Remnant: Ready to be Reached

A Remnant: Ready to Reach…. 

In many churches all around the world you will find individuals who regularly attend Church meetings, enjoy the fellowship and receive the weekly message. In general they appreciate the ¨leaves¨ of the ¨Church Tree¨ if you will. But at the same time, they feel the need to go deeper.  They have a sense that there is so much more to their faith and have an awakening hunger for Truth. They want to discover the ¨Roots¨ of their faith.  Questioning, seeking, they often feel alone in this quest. Others on a similar journey don’t necessarily share their thoughts out of a fear of rejection or are themselves trying to avoid being seen as questioning of the church leadership and its teachings; after all they are the ones who have attended seminary, right?  Many though, don’t realise that we are in a season where YHVH is restoring ALL things before Yeshua/Jesus returns, as Prophesied by the Prophets of old. (Acts 3:21) He is not tarrying nor is He delayed; what was Prophesied in the Scriptures needs to be fulfilled. All needs to be Restored. We are now living in these Prophetic days. 

Yeshua/Jesus says in John 16:13, ¨But when the Spirit of Truth comes, He will guide you into ALL the truth¨

This is exactly what is taking place. This is indeed what is being stirred up in the hearts and spirits of men today, who are truly filled with the Ruach HaKodesh, the Spirit of Elohim. Truth is wanting to be revealed.

But mention needs to be made of the fact that if this ¨Truth¨ is being rejected by Believers, then from what spirit does that rejection emanate? I believe the time has come for those with knowledge and understanding of the ¨Roots¨ to have opportunities to share in churches and so reach the Remnant that is ready to receive and to delve deeper, as well as for those hungry to realise that they are not alone.  They are little lights scattered across the earth who, once united, will produce a strong necessary ¨light of Truth¨ in this ever-darkening world, where deception is ever-increasing.  The Remnant is getting ready. Are you?!?     Selah. 

© Toni Duplessis, 2018
Antoinette du Plessis (toni)
Servant of YeHoVaH  and 
Founder of Beit Yehudah-Marbella /House of Judah-Marbella