Reflections and Poetry

Love is all you need: a reflection

How to engage the youth with the Gospel 

Reflecting on modern ways of keeping young people in the Church, the valiant ways of entertaining, capturing their interest, giving them hip worship songs, I realise this is all icing. It’s nice but it’s not the meat and potatoes. It isn’t the substance that will see them into the Kingdom or keep those who’ve been raised by Christian parents close to Jesus for the rest of their lives.

LOVE is what we need.

Jesus didn’t have contemporary, funky entertainment. He had LOVE. 

Jesus didn’t meet them where they were at. He met them with LOVE.

Jesus didn’t demand they did their devotions, or memorised scriptures… Well, actually, the Jewish boys who had reached thirteen would have done.

Anyway, LOVE is what Jesus offered, and still offers, and with it an acceptance of anyone, regardless of age, as fully-fledged people, responsible within the parameters of their maturity.

So, we need to make sure, that whatever entertainment we offer, the base-line is LOVE.

For without love we are noisy gongs, clanging symbols (I Corinthians 13) and devoid of what really, really matters: LOVE.

Jesus is our role model and through the Holy Spirit we offer what he offers: unconditional love with responsibility. With love their is acceptance; with responsibility there is self respect.

Oh, that we would be on track with our children and young people, not competing with the world’s attractions but rising above — way, way above — them. When people see our LOVE they engaged. That’s the best, most wholesome, most attractive offer available.