For Mothers

For Mothers: When tragedy strikes

Recent tragedy

Recently, 4 boys on a camping outing in North Wales went missing. 2 days later their car and 4 bodies were found off the road. They’d crashed. Such a tragedy. Such a waste of young life. Such a shame.

How can we help our neighbours when tragedy strikes

The parents will be distraught. The community will grieve. What can we do to help? There must be something…

When tragedy strikes, we must allow ourselves to put ourselves in the others’ shoes. What can we do? We can learn the facts and offer prayers and good will to those who suffer. We can put ourselves in the place of these boys’ families and offer words of kindness toward them. Our attitude, though these families may never know us, can be fresh air to the nation and to our families. 

Loving attitude

Our nation of some 70 million people needs to rally round and be supportive toward one another. In a world going mad with violence within nations and between, we can contribute for the better if we choose to. The positive trickle effect of pouring good will toward others cannot be underestimated.

So I advocate kindness toward one another, and compassion.

I advocate a refusal to gossip or speculate.

I encourage us all to be more positive, more hopeful, more unified in our communities, refusing to enter into an “us versus them” mentality. 

The pebble into the pool

Here is an analogy I propose for consideration: the ripple effect, the pebble in the pool.

If a stand on a bridge and toss a pebble into the pool below, what happens? The pebble causes the water to stir doesn’t it, before movement stops once again. And although the pool looks as it did before, that pebble is now in the pool.

We can each cause a ripple for better or worse. What can we as mums say or do to make the outcome of this horrendous accident a positive for our own children, for our families, for our communities, for our nation? Surely we can each make a difference.

What can we do to make this terrible tragedy bring forth something positive? Let’s throw a pebble of hope, good will, love into our nearby “pool” and bring our communities closer together.