Preparing the Bride of Jesus Christ

No fear, imagine

Imagine your life if you had no fear

No fear, imagine. None! No inhibitions, no condemnation, no hesitation, no embarrassment, no boundaries. 

No imagine love. Perfect, total, absolute love for you. And you for others, specific and general. 

Now you have perfect love which casts out all fear, as John wrote in his first letter, chapter 4.

Imagine what you could achieve

Without fear what would you say? Do? Offer? Decline?

How would you represent the LORD Jesus, if you had no fear? Remember, perfect love is there, His grace, His mercy, flowing through His Spirit to you and outward to others. 

Where would you go? Which job would you take? What would you do with your time, talents, life?

Imagine your life if you had no fear, and go! Live it out. Fear is only in the mind. Allow your mind to be renewed (Romans 12:2) and walk out your faith in perfect love and grace.

We are running out of time to live the life free as Jesus offers, as Jesus intends, as Jesus promises. 

Imagine your life free from fear. Free. Imagine and then go and live it! By GOD’s grace, through His Holy Spirit, with Jesus. Amen.