Examining Biblical Scripture Politics and Society today

Carnal Extremism: LGBT and Islamic Terrorists

“Make Love not War” was the 1960’s slogan.

Today we have both in the extreme.

I’m not here to judge but I am here to call a spade a spade.

In my prayer time today, I saw the flesh in all it’s “glory” (some might say “gory”)….

Walking in the Spirit

When we walk in the spirit, we walk with love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness, gentleness, patience, faith and self-control. These are the character fruits of the Holy Spirit which we inherit with Jesus when we choose a life following him. (Galatians 5:22-23)

We who live in the Faith of Christianity war against ourselves: flesh versus spirit. (1Peter 2:11) But ultimately, the battle belongs to the LORD and as we surrender to Him, the Spirit wins.

Those who do not know the LORD, walk in the flesh. The devil hates the Spirit and encourages indulgence of the flesh. Today we are seeing this freedom of the flesh exercised to the extreme.

Anti-Christ spirit and walking in the Flesh

I had a picture as I was praying today, of a person surrounded by fire. As I prayed, I sensed it was one full of flesh and the devil. I understood in an instant, this image had to do with political and social influences on our Western society that encourage  indulgence of the flesh; they call it freedom.

I thought then of the lust for blood and murder over the Islamic terrorists and connected two extremes:

Those who lust in the flesh, seeking blood (terrorists) and those who lust in the flesh, seeking debauchery (hedonism, homosexual activity) are under the influence of the same spirit who led Adam and Eve to sin, ultimately dying in the Spirit and discovering the shame of the Flesh. These two extremes do not seek to unite, but they are united by the same spirit who is against the Holy Spirit and against Holiness.

I do not for one second equate murder with homosexual activity, any more than I would equate Islamic Terrorism with LGBT rights. They are polar opposites. But they are spear-headed by the same anti-Christ spirit that fostered Naziism.

The battle for Righteousness

We who seek to walk in the Spirit and stand for righteousness have an almighty battle to fight. The LGBT community are not aware of their frailty and sin; society has endorsed their choices to give them freedom in the flesh, which helps their campaign but does not help them. They don’t know the Spirit and so they don’t know they are “in the flesh”; though they seek approval, acceptance and love, they are only bandaging their wounds. They do not need condemnation but they do need conviction. So, I pray for them, that God’s Spirit might approach them and lead them into His love and truth, and His fruits of peace, joy and goodness….

On the other hand, the terrorists stand for a god that encourages bloodshed. Some who do not know the Father might equate this with Old Testament activities endorsed by God. Certainly the Terrorists who represent a fraction of the Islamic Fundamentalists would say they are doing the will of Allah. But the God of the Bible – Old Testament and New Testament – is not Allah. And murder goes against the law of the land, which the Father does not endorse. Instead, this is the anti-Christ of the age seeking to destroy godliness.

What is to be done

We need to wait on the LORD and to pray. We need wisdom and the urge from the Spirit to guide us into deeper holiness ourselves, and to stand in the gap for those on the brink of self-destruction (living to the extreme, under the anti-Christ spirit) and for those who are mis-guided who support them. We need to pray for the World, which is in a complete mess, that the Holy Spirit would cover the earth and convict the world of sin and the devil. We need to ask the LORD our GOD, Yehovah, Father, Creator of the Universe, to keep us in Faith and relationship with Him no matter what. And we need to look out for signs of the devil and signs of hope, and stand with hope – knowing “Faith is the substance of things hoped for” and “Hope deferred makes the heart sick”.

My mandate – Our mandate

My mandate for 2018 is to say what I know and pray to learn more.

Our mandate is to follow our Father God, with the power of the blood of our Saviour Yeshua/Jesus, and to ask for revelation from the Holy Spirit to convict any and all whom He calls; and we need to allow Him to build and grow our spirit to walk out our lives fully surrendered and fully committed to Him.

We need to know our Call and Purpose and to Obey. Time is short, souls are dying and the world is imploding.

“Let us stay in the Unity of the Holy Spirit (Psalm 133), find strength from Him and carry on boldly and lovingly as our model Jesus inspires us to do.

In His name, I pray. Amen.”