For Mothers

For Mothers: Listening

It’s a skill that is difficult to teach but an important life and relationship skill: Listening.

What is listening?

To hear the words of another person without passing judgement or waiting for your turn to speak demonstrates listening.

To engage with the words and emotions behind the words of another person demonstrates listening.

To hear, consider and respond to the words of another person demonstrates listening.

Hearing and digesting, showing interest and responding: these are the responses that demonstrate listening.

Boring, Funny, Important sharing

Sometimes our children, especially when they are quite small, are repetitive. Sometimes they say something which is so innocent or ignorant — or wise — we laugh. Sometimes, there is drama and anxiety wrapped up in our children’s words, which causes us to cringe. What do we do with our feelings?

Listening is so important for us to do with our children, because they need to share.

Listening is so vital to our children’s growth, because it builds their confidence.

Listening to our children is crucial to our building and holding a good relationship with them, not only now but in the long run.

Listening is hard work

I find I have to remind myself not to interrupt when my offspring decides to share. Sometimes I need to hold my tongue to show respect and interest, because talking is a whole lot easier for me than listening.

But whenever I listen, I learn and am blessed to discover more about my own child. And that is hugely rewarding.