Hebraic Roots: Israel and Jewish Culture

The Jewish Mindset: Capturing their hearts through Engagement

What is the Jewish mindset? Oh, how it is different to that of any other culture’s.

I have been reading Ezekiel. I am a watchman and I find Ezekiel difficult to understand in places, but do comprehend the calling in a small way. Oh, how it must have grieved Ezekiel to have to say the things he did to the people. And oh, how the Word suggests they ignored him.

The Jewish mindset is superior in intellect, thinking way outside the box. If that’s accurate, that would explain how a <1% of the world’s population has won over 25% of Nobel Prizes. That’s just one example of their extraordinary creativity, ability, and genius.

In truth, I think the LORD our Father GOD made this nation of Jewish people gifted and hugely intelligent. But in their giftedness, they were self-sufficient (historically) and sought to blend in (Ezekiel 23). Oh what a price the Father has paid for His generosity.

And today, their giftedness blesses humanity; research and development in medicine, technology, military defence are second to none. I’d love to know how they think, so I can think and create too, as they do.

But how can I convince one who is vastly superior in capability and talent? How can I draw Jews to Jesus? I can’t, but I can learn their ways.

Or how can we win over to Yeshua those who have, for the majority, rejected the Father? How can we possibly draw Israelis and other Jews back to Truth unless they seek it? The truth is, we can’t. But Yehovah can. And in these Last Days, His Word says He will. We must prepare, study and befriend.

Prepare for Aliya: the return of Jewish people back to Israel; prepare for WWIII: Armageddon and the Mark of the Beast; prepare for the world to turn against Jews and we stand in the gap — practically, politically, and prayerfully. We intercede for their restoration to the Father and we intercede for His will on the earth as in heaven. His will includes the return of His chosen people to Israel and their acceptance of Yeshua as Messiah.

We can study: learn our Hebraic Roots so we can talk intelligently with those who know their Torah. We can learn Hebrew (I’m starting with the alphabet and customary songs and prayers). Learn about the feasts and festivals, enter into conversations and share their stories by listening and discussing. They like to question and to discuss.

Let us genuinely befriend our older brother, the Jewish nation, and the Jewish people. Let us learn our own roots to the Father. And let us provoke them to jealousy as necessary, by our faith in and relationship with Adonai.

How often has the Father said in His Word, “I shall….. and they will know I am the LORD.”

Oh, how He wants the Jewish people to acknowledge Him. So let us acknowledge them and Him to them, that they may be jealous (Romans 11:11) and turn back to Him.

Father has bequeathed His people with giftedness but they have a stubborn heart; He has given us faith and relationship as He’s grafted us into the vine. Let us engage with Jewish people to discover their personalities and thought processes, that they might learn of our blessings through Yeshua, and yearn for the same.