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The Demise of Democracy

There have been protests in London, England recently. People are marching against the elected government, blaming their desire to balance the federal budget on a tower block fire that killed almost 100 people.

Ironically, across the globe in Hong Kong, marches took place on the same day, because the people long to be able to vote for legitimate candidates in the true spirit of democracy.

And months ago those who did not vote for President Trump held placards and shouted, “Not my President” in a manner of defiance not seen since the protests against the Viet Nam war in 1972.

Democracy is imploding upon itself.

My perspective

In England, idealistic young innocents believe the rhetoric of the defeated left of centre, take on what they see as the establishment (the right of centre in power), and in their self-righteous idealism, they protest against what they do not like to accept: that the party they voted for did not win.

In Hong Kong, China, people are afraid of losing their special status as part of — and yet separate from — the rest of China, because of their long tradition of being under the British Commonwealth. They herald democracy as a sign of freedom and prosperity.

In the US, President Trump is preaching the hope of prosperity and security in the Muslim world if they will stop hating Christians and Jews ( Trump speech in Saudi Arabia ). Meanwhile, half of his own population is hating him, and the elite are looking for anything that can terminate his presidency because he is anti-establishment and a threat to their machinations. They trump up hysteria amongst the masses in order to distract Trump from focusing on governing (Trump does himself no favours, as I see it, in getting sucked into debate and self-defence).

Whether democracy exits with a bang or a whimper, it does seem to be on the way out.

Those battling the democratic winners are socialist or communist or are pushing the One World Government agenda of the anti-Christ. On the other hand, The End of the Age is near, and when it comes, a new world of Jesus’ order will be established.

Either way, democracy is on the decline and the battle lines for governing the earth have been drawn. It is God versus Satan, with humanity at stake. I find it ironic that those who protest against the conservative establishment are fighting to make themselves more free.

Only Jesus can makes us truly free, while Satan seeks only to ensnare us.

While some protest and as we pray, may God’s will and Kingdom come to earth as it is in heaven.