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Reaching Out – Looking In

Reaching Out – Looking In is a new diary journal which speaks my inner thoughts as I walk my walk in a society that is rapidly imploding. Will the church: the body of believers — will it implode or move through to where Jesus prescribes we are to be as part of His Church?

Some years ago (@2012 link), I began and wrote a weekly journal An Examined Life based on Socrates’ adage, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” I continued for a few years, and a few years after I’d stopped, I had the idea to revive it, but failed. 

Now in a new frame, I’m beginning again, this time not to copy the original idea but to take it and suit it to today in my walk with Jesus.

Reaching Out weekly

I’ll aim to have an insert every week, which I also plan to share in my weekly newsletter, Preparing the Bride for what better preparation than to walk together, with Jesus, through these times until this walk on earth is finished…

Hallelujah! Maranatha: Come Lord Jesus! And in the meanwhile, come one and all to the place of the heart, where Jesus abides with us and we abide with Him (John 15).

What’s on my mind this week

COMMENTARY: Intercession

Ezekiel 33.

The LORD said read Ezekiel 38/39 again first but I dove into 33…. Filled with His spirit and walking in His word, I was safe. But I was struck hard… for He was showing me that at this time, what is Egypt in Ezekiel 33 is now Canada and its fate.

Oh, how hard the word can be. Oh, LORD my homeland, glorious and free. 

“GOD keep our land, glorious and free” the truckers sang in the capital city Ottawa, on the roadblocks at international boarders with the US. “Glorious and free.” The truckers also prayed, “Our Father in heaven…” And they did pray, arm in arm, heads bowed. I’ve seen the genuine — non-doctored videos. 

I cry internally for my homeland. Britain too is my nation now. And I love Britain. But my roots are Canadian, land of my birthplace, glorious beauty and free. Friendly, until Covid and laws swept people up and divided them: those for the vaccine and those against. As for the truckers, 90% of them are vaccinated, a higher average than the national average. But they fought for the right to movement, with or without a vaccine. They won the international community but they lost to the hardline Emergency law that PM Trudeau invoked, contrary to the opposition.

The LORD has a long memory, thankfully. I intercede. Canada has been pro-Israel, GOD’s precious first-born child. Canada has loved Jesus. Canada has erred against the indigenous people, tearing up their families to destroy the native culture. It has allowed many laws to pass: abortion, gay marriage. It has broken my heart, and GOD’s too, I suppose.

And now, like Egypt, GOD will destroy it. Unless we intercede.

“Father, how do I pray for this land? How to I ask you to go against Your will? Save those who love you. Save the land. Spare those who have been victimised by bad laws. Help the widow and orphan. Heal the land. Oh, I simply do not know how to pray in words…. Words fail me. Buy my heart is for the land of my birth.”

As for the world at large, we are in utter chaos. Some nations appear calm, but likely it is the calm before the storm. Ukraine expected peace. They did not prepare for annihilation. Now the people are scattered, broken. Raise up Your standard, LORD, amongst those people, the vast majority of whom profess Jesus. Rescue, preserve, save, heal.

Oh man. What have you done to bring us to this? The point of World War III. Why does man not learn? How can the evil one gain his foothold yet again? How is this possible? Because man wants to achieve on his own. Because man is lustful for himself. Because man has turned from GOD.

“Oh Father, save, heal, restore.” I know “it is finished” Jesus said. But those to whom there is life, must turn to the One who finished it. Jesus points to GOD the Father, the father whom the Jews have been waiting for, for centuries. Turn to face Him, oh you stubborn peoples!

Psalm 122:  says, “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

Ezekiel 33 goes on after Egypt, more devastation. Then Ezekiel 38 turns to Israel, land restored but land destroyed in part, as His plan for ultimate restoration of humanity to Himself.

“Oh LORD, give us strength to see that day.”

In Jesus’ name, Amen.