2022: Getting Priorities Straight

2022: Our Getting Priorities Straight I don’t “do” new year’s resolutions. I haven’t in years. Somewhere along the way I realised they didn’t work for me.  And somewhere along the way leads me to my point now, today: 2022 has to be about intimacy with our Father Yehovah GOD. And it is about loving one… Continue reading 2022: Getting Priorities Straight

Total Surrender

“Not my will but yours…” (Matthew 26:39) Do you know you are called by God, Creator of the Universe, to make a difference in this world? Has He told you a specific Call? In my case, I know my role but not my Calling. I am a Watchman. Like Nehemiah, I am to stand on… Continue reading Total Surrender

Facing Opposition: Preparing for God’s Call

“Without opposition we never become strong.” This quote – which is actually my own – hangs beneath a magnet on the fridge and is referred to by members of my family periodically. As we continue to wrestle, and to fight the good fight, we need to remember the reality of opposition. When we seek God’s… Continue reading Facing Opposition: Preparing for God’s Call

Seeking Breakthrough: A Practical Faith

ADVICE ON BLOGGING: SEEKING BREAKTHROUGH Seeking Breakthrough in our work: Each of us has some form of work – industry that consumes our time and hopefully allows us to express and blossom in our gifts. I am a writer, so I’ll talk about blogging, but this could be applied to any artist, or any career for… Continue reading Seeking Breakthrough: A Practical Faith

Worry Free Living

How can we avoid worrying? Isn’t it just a part of life? No, actually, with Christ it doesn’t have to be. Ready: In Christ, your identity is sure and your purpose is secure. Your living spirit has overcome worry. Whether you have a long ‘to do’ list, major surgery or a pile of unpaid bills, you can ignore those things… Continue reading Worry Free Living

The Internet: The Void

Larus Walk is a group of blogs from Larus Press, inspiring, equipping and empowering you to fulfill your Identity and Purpose in Christ. Wholeness, Witness, Word and Worship&Warfare are the four strands that build us, enabling us to soar.   THE INTERNET: The Void – a musing There are times when the internet is not my… Continue reading The Internet: The Void