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Who is breaking with Human Rights on the Gaza?

The dead in Gaza includes an infant

Why take a baby to a protest where tyres are being burnt and shots — on both sides — are being fired? Why then allow photos to be taken of the grieving mother? This is sick thinking and a convenient — and very sick — publicity stunt.

HAMAS does not support its citizens but rather spends money on arming them with rocks, enraging them against the “enemy” Israelis who “have no right to exist”, and lets the chips fall where they may, using journalist patsies to finish off the argument that the IDF and Israeli’s are heinous tyrants who dare to protect themselves.

That about sums up for me what is going on in Gaza, and the Daily Telegraph’s photo of an 8 month old baby killed in the protests only feeds the fuel of anti-Semitism, mis-information and twisted thinking — if there is any thinking going on at all.

We need to think for ourselves

Why was an 8 month old baby at the Gaza fence during rioting?


Decades ago Gaza was overtaken by Israel in 1967 and held on to, in order to protect the tiny new nation against their enemies who first tried to destroy it a day after it was “born”. Gaza and the West Bank are both areas that Israel would surrender if the opponents would allow the nation to exist. They offered in the past but there terms were refused.

Terrorist fuel

But the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians (and the world has followed suit) and the terrorist groups, Hamas and Hezbollah, refuse to acknowledge Israeli right to exist. No one in the media seems to address that much. Perhaps it is because the Israelis are “the more mature and should know better” or are the “more advanced” and therefore win no sympathy. And I suppose there are some who really do believe the Israeli’s are evil, heartless beings, rather than realising they are victims, just as are the Palestinians*.

Why would someone bring a baby to a protest?

The answer to that holds a key to this whole Middle East crisis that has been going on since Israel  began modern nationhood in 1948.

The fundamental question is this: Does Israel have a right to exist? If it does, then it is the Palestinians (who are not a nation-group historically but a group who left the land in order that the Arab armies would be free to crush the Jewish residents in 1948) who need to be addressed. The Palestinians do not accept Israel, not as one state, not as one of two. They do not accept Jews. All the negotiation in the world is not going to change that.

So, if Israel has a right to exist, then let’s address the issues in Gaza and who is spear-heading the violence.

We outside Israel are being played

Why is there a photograph of a baby killed in a peaceful protest if it isn’t to enrage the world against Israel?

Answer: Hamas has cleverly played the journalists, who look for a story rather than conceive they are being manipulated. The journalists, keen on human rights and freedoms, fall for the ploy and publicise the shame that is the loss of a tiny baby’s life.

But what mother would willingly take her young child to a place where violence is erupting? Yes, a peaceful protest is anyone’s democratic right. But the fence is being attacked by 40,000 people seeking to kill anyone they can reach on the other side of the fence. That is not peaceful. So, why would a mother choose to take her baby to such an unsafe place?

They are being played

The Palestinians are starving. But they need not look to the Israeli’s for medical, food, and educational provision. The money is available to them. It’s Hamas who is spending it on building tunnels to kill the providers, rather than to use it for the purposes for which it has been sent.

The Villains are staring us right in the face. They are staring at their own people, and enraging and starving them. It may not be chemical warfare, but it is it’s own kind of genocide.

The World is naively watching and thinking, “How horrible the plight of the Arabs in Israel.”

But you only need to look at the Arabs in Israel who choose to live as citizens of that country to see they have equality, prosperity and peace.

Israel is not racist. Israel is not denying freedoms. It is simply trying — and succeeding — to hold on to the land given to them after the Holocaust.

Start addressing the real issue

I say we need to recognise the real enemy and stop blaming Israel for the evil that Hamas is doing to it’s brothers and sisters in the Palestinian Territories. The best way to peace is to start by condemning the real culprits, negotiate with them (which of course is impossible because terrorists don’t negotiate), and re-educating those filled with hatred towards the Jews so they can see clearly who their real enemies are.

*There never was a Palestinian nation or people-group. Today, the terrorists just use that concept to drum up anger and hatred for those who now legally own the land. Most who were alive 70 years ago are now dead and the citizens of the British mandated province of Palestine now live in a country with a new name. The land and nation has prospered since 1948, except in the areas where some Arabs refused to allow them. Israel has not forced themselves, except in the sense that they had the audacity to succeed in building a tiny democratic nation surrounded by enemy kingdoms, and defend itself.