Preparing the Bride of Jesus Christ

What is Strength

Strength is the sense of being carried, I so understand. It is like GOD’s peace surpasses grief in the natural and so we appear to others strong and able to cope, when really we know it is GOD’s strength and the faith and wisdom He has put into us over the years and over these days, that allows us to walk above the circumstances and the grief.

Strength in the LORD is not never feeling pain, despair, or disappointment but rather, strength is rising above the circumstances. 

Recently, I experienced disillusionment, which set me through a dark valley. By GOD’s grace I am through it. But how did it arise in the first place? I overcame my husband’s death and yet this relatively trivial situation, by comparison, set me into a deep sadness and some oppression that was difficult to extricate myself from. 

Yes, I reminded myself to keep my eyes upon Jesus, “the author and finisher of our faith” (text) but it was hard work to do so. Why?

Self pity is the number 1 enemy of the individual. It is insidious, so so subtle. I’m not sure if I was feeling sorry for myself, but I was feeling justified. The key is “I”.

I was very focused on me. And that was the open door to great pain. I was holding on to the LORD but how is it that He seemed so distant?

I think He allowed the distance, to see how I’d handle myself. I didn’t do any harm to anyone and I didn’t do any harm to myself. I shared pain with a couple of chosen people and I spent time in prayer and thought — working out how I felt, why I felt it, and what I could do about the situation. I cried out to the LORD. He heard me! Then He lifted me out of the pit, as lightly and swiftly as He’d put me in it.

It is strange how the LORD works sometimes. But the key is, He is always at work in us. When we are broken, we must remember we’ve asked for it! We said we surrender all, and so we need to remember there will be moments, seasons, times, when He will ask us to remember our commitment and BOOM! We might suffer some of our flesh being stripped from us. Emotion is a blessing from the LORD but it is also a part of our mind; sometimes we need a renewing, and so we get a revelation! Other times the renewing is through a dark valley. But holding on, always brings us through to the light on the other side.

Praise the LORD.