Reflections and Poetry

Why I still believe: a sort-of poem

I still believe

God exists.

God is good.

God is sovereign.

Why do I still believe?

I still believe because God has heard my prayers

I still believe because God has answered my prayers.

What God has done in my life:

God has transformed a self-centred, frightened, self-determined person


A gracious lover of others.

God has transformed a self-willed, ambitious, self-righteous woman


A kind mother and friend.

God has transformed a sad, lonely creature


A happy, contented lady.

Grace of God in life…

Grace is receiving goodness that we don’t deserve;

I’ve learned to receive God’s grace and grace from others.

Grace is humbling to receive but

a joy and relief to forward to another;

that’s now the way I live life

and recommend it to others.

Bumps but no bruises

Imagine a child of nine years getting his first bruise and thinking, 

“Oh! this must be serious!!” 

because he’d never had a blue patch before? All because

I prayed: from birth to nine, asking God,

“Please protect my son from bruising”

and He did.

Healing of God

I’ve seen God heal legs, backs, heads and hearts 

Eyesight improved, toothache removed


thought processes changed…

The miraculous

God does miracles yesterday and today

Healing broken thoughts

time and again

… even my broken heart.

Why I still believe

God is true

God is good

God is kind

But most of all

I still believe 


He has transformed me

more and more

Into what I’ve asked Him to make me… 

which is simply, 

more like Him.

Reflections and Poetry

Rejoice in All Things

Rejoice in all things

the Saviour is


Even desperate situations

make way for 


when we know Jesus is 


Reflections and Poetry

Sometimes Celebration


Everything is perfect


Joy fills the air


just as God works all to His good


we see it, experience it

and can celebrate it.


there is no sorrow


there is no pain


we smile, laugh, rejoice



God is good


He is watching over


He loves

protects and


we receive

Then our hearts

make gladness

when we do.

Reflections and Poetry

Supernaturally inspired HOPE: a reflection about the Secret of Prayer

Yesterday I was nearly overwhelmed with a sense of HOPE. I don’t even know what specifically I felt hopeful about, but rather, I felt a clear and powerful presence of GOD around me, and a profound sense of hope that something very good, very wonderful, very excellent would show itself very soon.

This new Hope helped me to understand at a new, deeper level the scripture:

“Now, faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” (Hebrews 11:1)

Secret of Prayer

There are many secrets about prayer. Many seek to understand the power of prayer and to access it. As I was engulfed by this profound sense of Hope, I realised:

Faith = Hope + Love.

I’ve had an insight into the power of Hope as it relates to Faith. When Hope is full, it brings with it Faith to believe in all that is possible with GOD. Praying with Faith, with Hope and a pervading sense of Love, will bring breakthrough.

I leave you to meditate on this. If you discover you agree, do let me know:)

And if it changes your prayer life or increases breakthrough, let me know…. and any other prayerful person you come across. We need to be praying the Father’s will, the Father’s prayers. Then His kingdom will come!

May I leave you with another Mystery to unravel?

“And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.” (1 Corinthians 13:13)


Shalom and Blessings.


Reflections and Poetry

What brings Life: a reflection

Love. Joy. Peace.

These are life-giving states of being. When I am full of love, I bring love to others.
When I am full of the Joy of my Lord, I emanate joy and others can catch it.

When I walk in God’s Shalom – His peace which passes all understanding – I offer peace to others.

Those things which bring life to us, when shared, bring life to others.

I’m realising, as I allow myself to surrender to what comes along my path, that I have more peace, because I’m surrendered to the unfolding events of the day. I have more joy, because within me is hope, strength and a rejoicing in the Lord who gives me my breath. And I have more love, because I am “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14) and that my soul knows very well.

I am loved for who I am, not for what I do; that is satisfying and an encouragement that reaches out to others, both naturally and supernaturally.

Love. Joy. Peace. To be received and to be shared. Hallelujah!