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A Gentile who follows Yeshua is Sounding the Alarm!

I am a gentile who believes in Yeshua

My family and I recently spent a wonderful, fun evening with a Jewish family who live as Christian leaders. They are good friends who are leading a church for Sunday worship. Here I am, walking in revelation of Saturday as the LORD’s true Sabbath and hungry for more understanding of Hebrew and the Hebraic Roots of my faith, and they, while still on a Jewish diet and confident in their Jewish heritage, live as Christians, not as Messianic believers. Interesting.

They are pragmatic: knowing they are not under law but under grace, rooted in a secular society with Judeo-Christian heritage, they expect that if they ran a church on Saturday they’d draw even fewer people than if they worship on the British traditional Christian day of worship, Sunday (the Lord’s Day).

In contrast, as a Gentile, it seems to me that to get the message out of the need for Gentile Believers to grow in their Jewish roots, we need to highlight the history of the move of the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday, as one piece of the puzzle needed. A call I have is to write to “wake up” the Christian Believer to all the gunk – the error of the Christian Church from the time of Constantine and the development of Eastern Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism.

Wake up, Sleeping Church

As a Watchman, I am meant to stress that Time is Short and the sleeping Church must awaken to its Call to the spiritual war against the anti-Christ, who threatens – through temptation and distraction – the hearts of individuals and nations.

Never before have I had such understanding and vision of the way Satan works: today he has divided nations over gay rights (abomination made legal as under guise of human rights), abortion (murder made legal under guise of women’s rights and freedom of choice/pro-choice), adultery (polygamy made legal under Sharia Law in the West) and more. In Germany, one can marry their pet (beastiality made legal, the ultimate in animal cruelty).

Those who believe in a right and wrong based on Old and New Testament values, whether practicing Christianity or Jewish Orthodoxy or not, have a basic “knowing” (see Romans 1) that is lost in Western Society today. Even many, many folk who are professing atheists, do know right from wrong in some facets, and see the decay.

The Church – whether it worships on Saturday or Sunday or every day or any day – needs and must wake up, pray, take the mountains of influence in our society*, and defend the heritage on which it was built, else it will fall and with it, the right to speak of Jesus, worship the Father, Creator of the Universe, and operate through the Holy Spirit.

Traditional churches, Evangelical congregations, Pentecostal revivalists, Messianic followers: all who declare Jesus as their Saviour and Messiah, MUST live as though Jesus is coming tomorrow, or is never coming, because the world is a mess, western society is deteriorating and a cataclysmic pace, and we may meet Our LORD on Judgement Day, unprepared, complacent; and the door will be closed upon us (Matthew 25).

Please help me to sound the alarm

So, if I’m “preaching to the converted” please send this message out to all you know who need to hear it. And if you feel convicted as you read these words, please adhere to the conviction and change how you operate in your faith. The gate is narrow (and to my mind, it seems to be getting narrower) and few are they who get through.

I’m not afraid. But I am alarmed at the rate of change in our society; the disintegration of common sense, goodness and holiness, is profound. Wrong has indeed become right and right has become wrong (someone please reply and tell me where this prophetic end-of-days verse is in the Bible).

So, hear the Shofar, sound the Alarm, Wake up Church, and make an inner change that will propel you to be purposeful and useful to the LORD’s call on your life.