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Where is the Supernatural today?

Natural and Supernatural

What if in Biblical times the barrier between the natural and supernatural realms was not as dense as since?

What if our scientific development and mental faculties have in some measure made leaping from one realm to another far less feasible, not because there is any physical or temporal change but rather a change in our sphere of thinking? 

Have we narrowed our ability to see beyond the physical simply because our sensory development has been stifled by our limitations put upon us by our understanding and development of academic science?

I’m all for science. GOD created it! The Bible is full of science. But today we are very limited in our sensory and spiritual awareness in the West. We need to re-engage with the miraculous and the supernatural.

How did Jesus turn water into wine? Or multiply bread and fish? How did he heal a man blind from birth so that he could see, or raise a paralytic from his bed? And how did he raise Lazarus simply by calling his name?

If you believe the Bible then you have to believe these things occurred. If you believe the Bible then you have to agree that Jesus said, “greater works than these [you] will do.” (John 14:12)

We are not operating in the supernatural and miraculous, not many of us, not as a matter of course. We cannot will ourselves into believing, multiplying and healing. But these things do happen. So how?

Let’s pray

Father Yehovah GOD, Creator of the Universe, we want mountain moving faith. We want to live in Your presence and fear not. We ask You to teach us and direct us, so that we might do “greater works” than the Lord Jesus that he spoke of, for Your glory, Your majesty, Your righteousness and Your will to be done on earth as in heaven. Teach us, grow us, help us to receive, so that Your glory and power will be a witness to Your truth, goodness, righteousness, mercy and judgment. In Jesus’ name, 


Reflections and Poetry

Why are we trying so hard? – A reflection on the Supernatural Working of GOD

Surrender! That is the key to everything as we relate to Yehovah GOD the Father and Jesus, His Son. Actually, I find surrender is difficult, but I persist in my efforts.

Here’s a short reflection, perhaps something some of you can relate to:

I am discovering the reality of intimacy with GOD the Father.

Oh, I’m not special. I’m just determined. And I won’t leave Him alone. Of course when he draws near, then I draw back. But I’m getting better at hanging in.

And in the waiting, I am seeing that reality is far more spiritual than it is natural.

When I gaze inwardly for a while — as I pray, I begin to feel His presence. Then when I open my eyes, what I see is the same before I closed them… and yet, it is different somehow.

I want to be close to the Father because that is what the Father wants.

I don’t want to manufacture anything. And I’m not worthy of a heavenly experience. But He says He wants me — by His Word. And so I am getting a little braver and allowing myself to surrender to Him more and more. I wait. I close my eyes to block out the physical. And I sense His presence.

Oh Father, keep me brave. And don’t give up on me. I’m beginning to discover that reality is spiritual. As that reality becomes more and more clear, I sense I will understand the miraculous. (In times past, I did bring some healing, through the laying on of hands or discernment, all in Jesus’ name. But that was decades ago.)

Maybe now, as any of us allows Him to come closer, perhaps we will be able to lay hands on people or even simply to walk passed them — as Peter did in Acts, and they will be healed.

Hoping for more

Jesus did it. He promised we would do even more. Peter did it. We must be brave and hope. One day, I’d love for GOD to move a mountain. Wouldn’t you? Could we be brave enough to allow Him to use us to do it?

It’s all through the Holy Spirit — which sounds easy, doesn’t it? So why is it so hard?

He’s so awesome. I do get quite nervous around Him, and I suppose I run away.

I think it’s time I stopped running, hiding; instead time to rest, and abide.