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Grenfell Tower Fire, London UK and a Clever Political Twist: Mayor of London Sadiq Khan attacks PM Theresa May for not doing HIS job

Here’s an interesting news headline from The Mirror this week:

“London Mayor Sadiq Khan writes stern letter to Theresa May demanding answers on Grenfell Tower TODAY” (article here: Sadiq Khan’s bait & switch)

The fire that ripped through a 24 story building in London this week in under 30 minutes is the primary current headline in UK news. The day after the fire a child tore a strip into London Mayor Mr Kahn saying, “How many children have died, Mr Kahn?”

Mr Kahn’s ultimate response? He pointed the finger at the Prime Minister Kahn seems to have got the knives out for her, thereby deflecting the heat from himself.

While Theresa May is seeking to ensure the nation is safe from terrorism and financial collapse as well as domestic fire, her political opponents are looking for leverage to look good, sound caring and gain popularity. I’m not usually cynical, but really, the fire took place in London. So why is the Mayor of London pointing the finger at the nation’s Prime Minister as though she is personally responsible to ensure local councils house people safely? If this is her job as national leader, then why does the city need a mayor? I think he is doing this to deflect the attention from himself; sadly, it is working.

To my mind, it is the mayor who should be on top of this situation. Rather than simply offering condolences and pointing the finger of responsibility at someone else, he should be stepping up to the plate and taking responsibility for the London Council of Kensington and Chelsea who housed hundreds of people in a firetrap. Rather than instructing the PM with an action plan, he should get on with taking action himself. The PM has promised funds to the sum of £5 million. Surely the organisation and allocation of the funds should be the responsibility of the local council and the mayor.

I’m writing this comment because I want to expose the tricks of the politicians which the media are playing into, and for us to recognise a clever and dishonest trick: the mayor has managed to get the blame entirely off his shoulders by pointing the finger elsewhere. A true leader doesn’t just comfort and criticise. A true leader takes responsibility and makes a difference.

I am asking us all to think for ourselves, follow our own noses and consider: who is responsible for this tragedy? And how can we ensure this really does never happen again.

We must pray… pray that the people who have experienced this tragedy find the comfort and help from God most high and from authorities who offer assistance, and new homes and funds to re-establish the families. And we must pray for our leaders, that manipulation and smooth talking are exposed for what they are, that honour is given to the suffering and respect to our national leaders.