Examining Biblical Scripture

Food for Thought: What are we Here For?

When we feel dismayed and know we need to keep moving forward, but aren’t sure our purpose, the something that nags at us is the question, “Why are we Here?” It can plague us.

We’re here for one reason… to give glory to God.

As I live and move and have my being, I give him pleasure. Like a father watching his child grow, God looks upon each of us as His workmanship, His protege, His delight.

We are here for many opportunities, experiences, highs and lows. We are here to build relationships and grow with our family and our community. We are here to do many things with our time, talents and skills. But most of all, we are here to delight the LORD and to delight in Him as He relishes our time with Him.

Celebrate: You are fearfully and wonderfully made!
Let’s give Him the glory for our successes and achievements. Let’s give Him the glory as we enjoy our lives on this earth. Let’s give Him the glory as we live and work and have our very being.

Lovely. Hallelujah! Amen.

Reflections and Poetry

Unfulfilled Dreams… A Reflection

Unfulfilled dreams are nightmares that haunt you.

Try as you may, dreams and desires never really go away. They can be buried but they can just as easily be resurrected.

What I strive for is to revive your latent dreams, that you may pursue them with GOD, should He grant your heart’s desires.

His promises are “Yes” and “Amen”.

I have dreams. I thought they were gone, but recently they were revived, unexpectedly. I volunteered and in the activity, revived a gift I thought was gone. I’d abandoned it for my family. Now, revived, it is still unfulfilled and I wonder, was it best buried or revived?

I don’t know. This is a bit of a pessimistic post, but it has to be shared: A dream is a dream and a desire to be fulfilled must be opened to the sun. Patience and perseverance will bring it to the light. GOD will shower it with His blessing, if it is to be His will, if we are willing agents.

And if it is not to be? It is painful to have something close to the surface but not quite able to reach the light, isn’t it?

Yet, we must hope that in the fulness of time, in this world – or the next – the dream will come to fruition.

A life spent is a life fulfilled. We strive, we seek, we hope and do not yield.

Father God, may we all have our dreams exposed to Your light. Those worthy to give you the glory, may they come to fruition. Those that would lead us astray, we give away. Please settle our hearts to accept your answer.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.