Reflections and Poetry

GOD our protector: A reflection

I have been cruising through the book of Ezekiel — that is to say, going through it slowly, thoughtfully, observantly. I’ve also been reading a companion to it, an old book I found in a stack of books in my church that were available as take-aways.

On a discussion of Abraham and God’s power to fulfil his needs, today I read,

“So when God said to Abraham, “I am thy God, he virtually said, Whatever a God can do for thee, that thou mayest look for at my hands. But cannot God — he who at first formed Abraham of the dust of the ground, and afterwards breathed life into his dead soul — cannot he also breathe the life of immortality into Abraham’s mouldering body? Doubtless he can, and because he can he will — he must. He is the ever-living God, and life must be the property of all that are his.” (An Exposition of Ezekiel by Patrick Fairbairn, Sovereign Grace Publishers, Evansville 13, Indiana 1960 pp 405-6)

And what this brought to my own mind is how I can have a perspective that is far narrower than GOD intends. Of course I do, we all do, as He is GOD and far more comprehensive than our finite minds, imaginations can ever fully grasp. BUT what if, abiding with Him, He can expand our grasp?

As I reflect I think: He is our Protector. He protects. His is our protection — against anything. Like a father to a child, He is superior, taller, wiser and more powerful. But beyond a human father, He is infinitely superior, bigger…. omnipotent. 

Let’s reflect on that deeply as we drift through whatever crisis may arise. How does this deepen our reliance upon Him, our trust of Him, and our hope in Him?

He is our refuge and strength (Psalm 46), He is our strong tower (Proverbs 18), He is our deliverer (2 Samuel 2), He is our help and our shield (Psalm 33). He is.