Examining Biblical Scripture



I have no idea what 2017 has in store for us. But I felt deep within me as we approached the end of  December that this next year was going to be like none other before in my lifetime.

So, my thought and advice for us all is to live as though this is our last year of opportunity. Our last year to minister, our last year to witness, our last year to prepare, plan, propose and promote what is vital to us.

This is the Time to fulfil the Call of God on our lives. Let’s be deliberate, determined to arrive to our destiny. Let’s pray: seek, ask, follow His plan by obeying His prompts and focusing on the path He places before us. Let us run.

Jesus is the reason for our lives. So Jesus needs to be at the centre of our planning.

My prayer, for myself is a total clarity of focus and mission. I have books to write, blogs to post, news and views to share… But all of that is meaningless without an awareness of the prescribed direction, knowing what is most important to fulfil my purpose at this Time.

I have several priorities. It has always been difficult for me to decide which are the most important and usually have become caught up in the urgent instead of the essential. So my prayer is that this year I will not. This year, may I – and you – be caught up and taken forward in what is the main purpose to our being on this planet at this time.

We need to discern this. And then to act upon it.

To begin, let’s pray. Then let’s each brainstorm our desires and must do’s. Then we’ll pray again, to build on what’s key and lay aside all else. Let us “run the race” like we’ve never run before, let us look forward and not back, let us forget old habits and fears. Let us put absolute faith in the Author and Finisher of that faith, and let us climb to the summit of the mountain that is our ultimate purpose. Let us know Jesus and through who we are and what we do, let us make him known to those around us, whether overtly or subtly. Let us give him glory and honour.

In Jesus’ name. Amen.

As for me, I’m aiming to “Run the Race” this year, as though it is the last year to run; to make the work moments and the ministry moments count, the family time worthwhile, and to take nothing for granted. For me, this is the year of intention; this year is imperative.

So, I’m urging us all to RUN: like we’ve never run before… headlong into hope and faith.

BTW: Someone has agreed with me. See The Year of Fulfillment (Pastor Ron Hawkins, First Assembly Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA) and Ezekiel Chapter 12.