Reflections and Poetry

Split Personality: Secular or Christian emphasis

Here’s a reflective post as I share my frustration…

I love the LORD and very graciously, He loves me.

I desire to serve the LORD. But I seem to have one foot in ministry and another in worldly work. I’m called to Watch, I’m called to Pray and I’m called to Write. How I put these callings together and to whom do I give my focus is more difficult to work out that it may seem.

My frustration stems from a desire to talk about secular matters with Believers. In general terms, I write and share my posts, books and ideas openly, though I target in particular Gentile Believers, mostly because that’s who I am and who I most connect with and understand. Yet I long to pray a great deal in order to discern a need or a warning to share. The time it takes to receive revelation leaves me little time to minister or to write.

I don’t want to ignore the world, particularly because the world needs insight into the Gospel and of who Jesus is. Yet I also feel called to build up my fellow Believers.

So I end up being split between audiences.

And so, I continue to write, aiming to offer what is relevant and insightful. And I hope what I write will be useful to bringing the world closer to God.