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Aspiration vs Fulfilment of Purpose — a reflection

I have spent my adult life “straining forward to what lies ahead” (Phil 3), aiming high but then failing to persist. If I had no dips, would I have achieved my aim? I don’t know because I did have dips, as well as distractions. The dips — doubt and fear of success and failure — were horrible, but the distractions — like family and friends — made life worthwhile.

I have therefore, not lived my life being “me” but rather being that part of me that wants to obtain more than I’m capable of. I’ve over-stretched and I have failed.

I don’t want the same for you.

I only realise now how I pressured myself. I didn’t realise I lived to be “the best part of myself” rather than loving who I am… all parts of me, including my limitations. G-D can do anything. But He made us with talents and limitations. I was ignorant of my limitations to my own frustration; ambition opened the way to high achievement but in the process I denied some gifts in order to perfect others which could never be perfected.

If you can find the balance between fulfilling your potential, and being at peace with what level you achieve, you’ll do well.

I made a two mistakes (that I’m aware of). One is in not recognising my limitations. The other was to ignore the greatest gifts I had, not developing them to their full potential. Instead I took those gifts — in my case theatre directing and singing — for granted. Where I could perhaps have gone further, I chose not to in favour of exploring areas I’d not explored, only to discover I limited , less talented in these areas, than in the other two.

What I want for you is to be you, whoever that is, and whatever that is. What I hope is that you’ll reach your full potential, not shunning those gifts, blessings and opportunities GOD provides.

These are the words of wisdom I offer you. A good parent, mentor, coach or teacher always wants their protege to go farther than they themselves have gone. This I desire for you, the reader.