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For Mothers: no time to waste

Important for Today

I believe with my whole heart that we need to keep short accounts with our children, living as though each day is our last… Not in the sense that we spend all of our money recklessly, nor to empty our bucket list like there’s no tomorrow… but in the sense that our relationships need to be in tact and where they are not, we need to do our part to rectify this straight away.

This is with all our relationships but especially with our children: Let’s set them free from broken expectation, criticism and condemnation. And if they’ve blamed us, whether justified or not, let’s let them know we love them and ask their forgiveness for our shortcomings… Someone’s got to make the first move. Let it be us.

I’ve got a sense of urgency

It’s time to make sure there are no broken bridges and there is no unexpressed appreciation.

It’s time to make apologies and to accept those offered to us.

It’s time to take nothing for granted and to take everything to heart.

It’s time to make amends

Let’s have nothing left unsaid with our children and let’s help our children ensure they can do the same with one another and with us.

Let’s not let the sun go down on our anger or frustration or intolerance or disappointment. Let’s forgive. We cannot forget wrongs and sometimes trust can be broken. But we can forgive and allow peace between us and our children. 

Let’s build rather than tear down

There’s no time like the present, is there!?

That’s my thought, my belief, my recommendation for today. May a bridge be built in your life today:)

Every blessing.