Examining Biblical Scripture

What to do when under threat

Do we hang on or do we forge ahead?

Calamity surrounds us. And when it does, how are we to cope?

Control says keep going, don’t bury your head in the sand. Don’t give up, just keep pushing ahead.

Surrender says, Hang on!

I believe it is good to be strong in our faith, and yet also, we need to be a little less capable and a lot more dependent on our Father, if we are to overcome this world and all it’s dangers. There is an end to human capability, but there is no end of God.

We live in a world where imagination, diligence and speed are celebrated. Nothing wrong with those things. Unless you are a follower of Jesus and he’s going slowly, in a relaxed manner, and with a face like flint. Then, to abide with him is what takes the real effort, stamina and character.

We know in whom we have believed. But sometimes it’s very hard to trust, when everything around us is falling apart. But we must. This world is experiencing calamity after calamity. Chaos is near. We have the beacon of light – in fact we are a beacon of light to a lost and fearful world.

Whenever you have fear and doubt, read God’s Word. Whenever you feel threatened, look at the Psalms. Worship the LORD. David defeated the mighty Goliath. Yet, when David was oppressed, chased by Saul, he leaned on God and God led him through to bring him into the fullness of His promises.

What has God promised you? You (and I) can stand on those promises. Some will say you’re a fool. Well, let’s be a fool for Jesus because we know he is the Master.

We forge ahead, through hanging on: to our faith, to our saviour and to our God. And when someone asks the reason for our faith, we can share in Him whom we have believed. When they are in terror and we have peace, they’ll see the difference. If they are wise, they too will seek our Way.

“Do not fear” is our way ahead, and this is Biblical, quotable once for every day of the year.