Examining Biblical Scripture

Our Faith: take nothing for granted

I believed in “once saved, always saved” but now I’m not so sure.

I focus on a scripture – or a few – and consider:

The wheat and tares both grow and they are separated in the fullness of time.

The bridesmaids – some ready, some not – wait for the groom.

The gate is narrow and few find their way through.

You cannot serve both God and money.

Some will be mislead… even the elect.

One thing I am sensing more and more is that we are running out of time before Jesus returns. And when he does, I want to be ready. But as I look around me at other brothers and sisters in Christ, there seem to be some who, like me are seeking God’s road. Still others seem to have their own agenda, and don’t seem ready to drop what they’re doing to follow.

We don’t work our way to heaven. But scripture says that some will be left behind. Does he mean some believers? Until now I thought it was those who do not know God personally who will be left behind. But could these scriptures be related to those who once believed but now who don’t really practice? There is that scripture in which the Lord says, “I never knew you.”

I’m writing this post as a clarion call: be ready, the bride groom is on his way. And let’s not take for granted that he is pleased with us. We are saved by faith, not works; and yet, I wonder if all who call themselves Christian are persons of faith.  We must not fear and yet, is it possible that some of us may be thrown into the utter darkness?

So, let’s seek His will and His way, not in fear but in reverence, with love, passion and our eyes focused upon Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. Let’s surrender our own agendas and timetables, and run the race set before us. Therein lies peace, direction and assurance.