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Was the Instagram Crash Prophesied?

The Instagram Crash this week

Habakkuk 2:3 says, “For the vision is yet for an appointed time…”

GOD’s timing is always perfect, isn’t it!

I was at Conservative Party Conference this week. Putting the politics aside, I mention it only because I link it to the Facebook Crash that occurred on Monday.  

Within one hour of a panel discussion featuring an MP from the UK government, along with others who were expressing serious concern over the damage that social media has caused to the mental health of young people, there was a crash on the platforms Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

I believe the crash was a prophetic moment, perhaps even a warning, because of the injustice and damage being done to young minds. The state government of the UK was discussing concern v the apparent lack of concern or accountability of the tech giants. Just an hour before a 5 hour world wide crash which hurt the Founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerburg to the amount of some $7 billion US dollars on the American Stock Exchange, UK government bodies were speaking out against Instagram specifically. I see the crash as no coincidence but rather as a prophetic warning to the tech giants. Governments and families are deeply concerned. It was as though GOD heard and answered, attacking the giants on behalf of those who cannot protect themselves against the damage being caused.

As it is prayed in the Lord’s prayer:

“And do not lead us into temptation 

But deliver us from the evil one…” (Matthew 6:13a)

We seem to have been given a taste of His “kingdom, power and glory” when that crash occurred. 

May His protection cover us and speak to the consciences of those rich and powerful, who need to consider the consequences and costs of their enterprises to the humanity to which they profess to serve.

The banks had their warnings before the big crash of Lehman Bros in 2008, which caused huge damage to the stock markets and financial stability worldwide was severely shaken. Baring Brothers and Norman Rock fell first, but the system didn’t heed the warnings. Now, let’s pray that the Tech Giants will take note of the danger of too much power and too much progress too quickly. May they learn and change before their power comes crashing down, leaving everyone in shock and dismay.