Reflections and Poetry

I’m longing for Worship: a reflection

I’m longing for worship

I listen to worship such as this:

and I’m provoked to worship.

I am deeply longing for the opportunity for corporate worship that will run deep, filling me (yes, me — am I ego-centric?) and all of us with the Holy Spirit — of with His joy, passion and expression of the love I have for GOD and the thanksgiving I want to express to Him: the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit of Yehovah GOD.

Oh LORD, where is the opportunity to worship you in Spirit and in Truth? How I long for this.

In Jesus’ name, I pray: for all of GOD’s children to worship in Spirit and in Truth. I pray for release, expression, opportunity, joy, and the excitement of GOD’s power and presence and responsibility. I pray for an infilling for myself (not out of greed but out of desperate need to be close, intimately close, to our Holy Spirit) and for all His children to be aware, to long for and to experience GOD in His fullness through anointed worship.

In Jesus’ name,