For Mothers

For Mothers: Receive

Is being a mother easy? Nope! It’s hard work.

It’s hard work to love unconditionally even when you’re exhausted. It’s hard work to balance the needs of each child and other family members. It’s hard to work, rest, play in balance. It’s hard, but it’s worth it!

Accept Help

You might want help from your hubby or from a mother/mother-in-law. You might want to do it on your own to prove you can! But the first step is acknowledging having help in practical ways is understandable, reasonable and when available, a real blessing.

But help may not come in the form or from the source you’d like or expect. 


Be sure not to miss the opportunity of support when offered. Receive graciously. If it is a source you think unsafe, it’s okay to say “no thank you” but otherwise, we all need to learn to be better at receiving. I sure do!

Accept Support

Whether it is in the form of emotional support — having a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on…. or literally physical — running your child to school or having her/him over night, when offered, do take the support. 

And if support is not forthcoming, you can always ask a trusted friend or relative to help out. Some people won’t offer because they don’t want to interfere, or don’t realise you need a helping hand. But they might be totally keen to help if only you’d ask!

Be Humble

First we need to recognise our humanity, our limitations, our needs. 

Then we need to accept help — even ask for it. That can be scary or humbling. 

I remember the first time I really needed emotional support because I felt quite isolated, sad for being so. When I expressed to a small group of friends I was hurt and frustrated sometimes, the others gathered round me and good acquaintances became life long friends. To them, I’d seemed confident and competent. They hadn’t realised — because I hadn’t shown them — I felt really vulnerable sometimes. And they rallied round.

We can be our own best friend

We can allow others into our world, and discover we are very much loved and supported. That’s being our own best friend.

And when circumstances don’t allow* for a group of friends, we can learn to overcome our obstacles by being thankful for what we have and persevering.

*BUT if ever you are in a situation which is abusive or dangerous, there is The Samaritans and there are other organisations to help. Find them in your area and call them. You are reading this off the internet. Search the internet for local confidential help and you’ll find phone lines where you can start the conversation. Don’t brush it off: You are important. 

Every blessing,