Reflections and Poetry

Split Personality: Secular or Christian emphasis

Here’s a reflective post as I share my frustration…

I love the LORD and very graciously, He loves me.

I desire to serve the LORD. But I seem to have one foot in ministry and another in worldly work. I’m called to Watch, I’m called to Pray and I’m called to Write. How I put these callings together and to whom do I give my focus is more difficult to work out that it may seem.

My frustration stems from a desire to talk about secular matters with Believers. In general terms, I write and share my posts, books and ideas openly, though I target in particular Gentile Believers, mostly because that’s who I am and who I most connect with and understand. Yet I long to pray a great deal in order to discern a need or a warning to share. The time it takes to receive revelation leaves me little time to minister or to write.

I don’t want to ignore the world, particularly because the world needs insight into the Gospel and of who Jesus is. Yet I also feel called to build up my fellow Believers.

So I end up being split between audiences.

And so, I continue to write, aiming to offer what is relevant and insightful. And I hope what I write will be useful to bringing the world closer to God.



Examining Biblical Scripture

When is it the time to witness our faith?

Sharing our Faith

When is it the right time to share our faith with unbelievers?

Recently, I heard David Wilkerson preach. It was a clip from You Tube, broadcast on Revelation TV. 

In essence, David said,

“When was the last time in church you felt the conviction of God, drawing you to repentance, drawing you closer to Him, drawing you?”

It’s so easy to live our lives day-by-day, as though we have all the time in the world to get to know Jesus.

But we haven’t.

And neither do our friends.

As the world spins around, anti Christ forces are pulling hard, and media, education, politics, and much of western society is speaking such anti God propaganda that it’s closing minds before they’ve even had time to consider Creation and the Creator.

I had the experience of losing a friend to cancer well before her time. Thankfully, she was a believer. But it taught me, the time truly is short and not to be taken for granted.

I don’t believe we are all called to be Evangelists. But we are all called to be ready to give an account of what we believe and know of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. (see 1 Peter 3:15)

When is the time to witness our faith? Now. And always. With meekness, gentleness, shamelessness and confidence in Christ.

When is the time to draw closer to God. Now. And always. With meekness, gentleness, shamelessness and confidence in Christ.

Ready: Prepare your testimony. How did you find Jesus? (How did he find you?) What difference has he made to your life? Why are you talking about him now?

Set: Pray for God’s occasion and calling, for you to speak on behalf of your faith in Him.

Go: Know the Holy Spirit of God resides in you, and will give you the time, the audience and the words to speak.

“Go, stand in the temple and speak to the people all the words of this life.” (Acts 5:20)