Reflections and Poetry

Dreams: Are they of G-D or of indigestion, imagination and fantasy?

Recently I had a dream.

I’m in a British Car. I can see over the hood and it has a jaguar emblem. It’s a windy, rainy day — yes I MUST be in Britain — and the emblem starts to shake. Then it becomes loose, and eventually flies off. Beneath it is a Rolls Royce emblem. (What car am I in?)

The Rolls Royce emblem starts to shake, shimmer, loosen and finally it flies off too, into oblivion.

That’s the dream. What — if anything spiritual — could it mean?

I’m wondering if it is a warning to Britain – beautiful, superficial, yet beneath quite profound, its power and majesty — in all their beauty — are being blown away in these post-modern times.

I wonder.

Another dream: I’m standing in a motorway tunnel. There is a massive HGV truck alongside me. I can hear the traffic speeding past, although I am between the wall and the truck.

The truck begins to move, but not away. It is inching closer to the wall. The driver cannot see me. My space is getting tighter.

I awake with the thought: I need to climb onto the step to the truck door, to signal I’m there, or else I’ll be crushed.

Millenia ago, a man named Joseph had several dreams. One got him into trouble (see Genesis 37), another saved Egypt and surrounding nations (see Genesis 41).

How do you perceive dreams? Any ideas about mine? I’d love to know if you have an interpretation.