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Donald Trump: An Unlikely Prophetic Voice for World Peace

Donald Trump speaks to the Muslim world and says the path to peace is possible but only if the Muslim world will drive out the radical terrorists, giving them no home, no finance and no ideological support.

On Sunday 21st May 2017, the president of the United States made a landmark speech in front of the heads of state of the Suni Muslim world. He gave, I believe, a prophetic vision for the future of the Middle East, speaking about: if… you go this way, you will have this but if… you do not go this way, you will have that.

His “this” was a picture of prosperity, where men, women, and children of all faiths, prosper and respect one another, sharing the planet together in harmony. The Arab countries of the Middle East, North Africa and the Far East will prosper.

“That” was the continuance of evil and barbarism.

What struck me was his way of splitting the muslims between those of faith and those of terrorism. He said, “Terrorists do not worship God, they worship death.” People of religion are good but barbaric criminal extremists are evil.

He emphasised the necessity to “drive them out”… that the Muslim world will have to drive out the terrorists if they are to achieve the prosperity they seek.

I have followed politics for many years. I have never heard a secular politician say the way to peace is for the people of the three Abrahamic faiths to¬†unite in their acceptance of one another and their working together as a condition of peace, and yet Donald Trump — laughing stock according to so many journalists and professional politicians — declared the truth no political leader has dared to say: that world peace depends upon the religions of Abraham. He didn’t declare Jesus but at least he recognised that peace will not be won through human rights or politics but through faith in God.

That’s fresh and that’s powerful. It puts responsibility where it belongs and brings hope to an otherwise dying world.