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Movies and Media: Prophetic or Caustic


I didn’t realise there have been movies made recently about Washington and London being invaded and destroyed by terrorists seeking to kill the US President and other world leaders. I intend to watch these films: Olympus had Fallen and London had Fallen. There are other films too, which I might watch: White House Down is first on the Time Permitting list.

Why will I watch these films? Because I’m a Watchman. I want to see what Hollywood is telling us.

Do movies provoke the future? Does GOD speak prophetically through movies? Or perhaps simply, we create our future by inhabiting our fear, worry and anxiety about what terrorism may lead to.


Yesterday I heard on the radio news that we should expect, during the next few decades, to experience a continuation of terrorist attacks such as happened on London Bridge a year ago.

Words carry power. Did the broadcast journalist’s words carry the future? Was he speaking prophetically? Or was he creating the soil for fear to provoke this future? Or (as I first think myself), will terrorism continue simply until they have won?

Our words, thoughts and fears carry power. So does our media. Are we laying seed to the very worst by expressing our fears? Does stating them give them life?

What do you think?

I’d love to read your answer.