Preparing the Bride of Jesus Christ

Reaching out – Looking in: pt6 Abiding as Protection

Attack – spiritual manifests in the physical

Yesterday (as I write) I was attacked financially by a smooth workman who overcharged me. I don’t usually fall for this sort of thing. But I did and in processing the matter, drawing close to GOD, I learn (again!) that to abide with Him is my greatest protection. 

Why was I vulnerable? I believe it was because I’m upping my involvement in intercessory prayer. Hallelujah! I must be in the right place, doing the right thing. Praise the LORD!!

Did I think I’d express this 12 hours ago? Nope, I was in a muddle, a bit confused (GOD is not author of confusion) and feeling a bit raw and exposed. I do have good discernment but where was it yesterday? My hubby used to call it my “radar” — an ability to gauge a person’s honesty: workmen, mechanics, salesmen, and so on. Well I failed yesterday and that was annoying. But now I realise, it was a spiritual attack and it has me doubling-down on prayer covering and on prayer abiding!

When we are vulnerable — and let’s face, we often can be vulnerable — we need to rely upon GOD for our protection and our comfort. He will never leave us nor forsake us. But we do need to abide in Him to awaken and strengthen ourselves. And as we move further in the matters of the Spirit, and as we are under more responsibility and the world is spinning out of control, how much more we need to abide and rest in Him.

Giving Thanks

Thank you LORD, for enabling me to be exposed, to learn and to draw closer again to you, that I might yield more and better fruit and in the process be more useful to your Kingdom works.

Thank you Jesus, for your blood covers me. Thank you Holy Spirit, for being available and ready, by my side, inside my heart. Thank you Father for your patience as I grow. I am preparing. Thank you.