Reflections and Poetry

Perspective is Relative: a reflection

We just moved house.  It was an international move. Today is the first day I’ve had quiet time to myself, to reflect on the last few weeks and what brings us here. There is nothing quite like quiet time to bring healthy balance and perspective.

I’m called to read Colossians. I’ve just read chapter 1. God’s Word always brings peace, truth and life. What jumps out at me is, “the hope which is laid up for you in heaven”.

Ah, hope; it isn’t just in heaven but now, here on earth, as well. Life is full, rich, challenging, rewarding, as we seek to live God’s will in our lives.

So we moved house, and after seven years abroad,  we have returned as we follow God’s Call.

I have a lot of work to do… some coaching and editing for others and some writing projects of my own. But wisdom ways “Wait” and so I pause from my work still further than the move forced me, to gain insight for today and a vision for this life which is now again in Britain. 

“What do you want of me, Father?” is my heart’s cry.

What is the project of the Father? I’ve returned to England after seven years away, delighted, hungry, eager to live here again. But why? Certainly life in the UK is not easy. Oh, it is not poverty or hardship; and yet it is much tougher to live here than in friendly, vast Canada where I emigrated to over seven years ago. And the weather is not as delightful or inspiring as is the weather in Spain, where I’ve just moved from.

So, why does the Father bring my family back here, and why now?

For over a year I’ve had a burden to return to England. In January of this year it intensified and finally, at the end of the school year 2017, circumstances shot us like an arrow toward England.

As I type this is it Rosh Hashana, the Hebrew New Year. The feast of trumpets is upon us and we in the world must look to Jerusalem (we pray for its peace) and to God and await His Call. We are His instruments and the universe is crying out for a change. God is moving in the heavenliness. And the stars, moon and weather reports are truly unique…. And we are perhaps waiting for the “last trump”.

Houston and the Gulf just experienced Harvey, followed by Hurricane Irma which has only just abated. Now a new hurricane — Maria — follows on its heals. This is the third in the Gulf of Mexico and area in as many weeks. It is one of many weather signs warning us to take note of the Father.

To shed light on the weather and the timing of God, I am simply here to say we are in short supply of time.

In subsequent posts I will reflect back on prophecies over the last decade which are pointing toward events such as are happening now or have already come to pass. Natural disasters are just a part of the signs of the times.

This is not a time to panic or to fear. It is a time to dig deep into our faith, stand fast in fellowship, and praise the Lord, that His Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven.