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The Life is in the Blood: beginnings of a manuscript

How a perfectly healthy man died of Covid

On 10th March 2021, Alan Tun went to be with the LORD. This is not a euphemism for he died. Isaiah 44:6 says he is not dead but is alive.

Alan was my lovely husband. This is the story of how he battled, how we battled for him, and how we lost but he won! Death has no victory for the one who trusts in Jesus, but oh, there is a sting for those who remain behind.

For those who do not know Alan Tun, he was a Bible teacher, as called in Ephesians 4. He was a modest yet confident man, never promoting himself but always willing to teach anyone who would listen, how to look inside of scripture for the kernels of life that bring us to a deeper understanding of the truths in Biblical scripture. We had excellent discussions together, and the LORD made us totally compatible theologically. No matter how annoyed we might get with one another, no matter how we might misunderstand one another on a human level as married couples often do, we always saw theological things from the same perspective. God gave us that gift. And so I think I can tell this story from our perspective, even though Alan and I had relatively few words from the time he first took sick.

On 19th December, Alan began to feel unwell, with a headache, general weakness and loss of appetite. This is the place where the story begins…. of how a perfectly healthy man died, not directly of Covid-19, but from other issues which arose as a result, even to include the valiant medical attempts to save his life.

This is a spiritual look at why Alan’s home address has changed, and how those of us who remain on earth have a choice as to how we recognise God in the story, or don’t. Those who knew Alan will know that to him, choice is man’s most important freedom. As a barrister and Bible teacher, he simply would present the facts and allow others to decide: do we want to believe the Bible and live by it, do we want to be s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d? Or do we want to live within our own limited but safe mental framework, religious teaching, or anti-God perspective? The choice is ours and the consequences are ours. 

Now Alan has no limitations. That is exciting. And that is how I choose to accept his death — and his new life — apart and yet together with me.

(It is quite possible this book may be presented partially in serial form on a weekly basis… but I shall take one week at a time)