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What if Technology Crashes? Are you Prepared?

Have you got a Back-up Plan?

We are all very dependent on the internet. To try to be less so, I’ve got an email list of Believers* who’d like to stay connected if we get shut down on public platforms. Ironic isn’t it, to use internet as back-up to social media platform blacklisting.

Anyway, we have the threat of global warming today versus the thought it’s all an illusion; we have mobile phone convenience with masts that enable us to have connections what we know emit unhealthy electrical impulses; we have computers that hold all our data but which can crash or be hacked.

So, all I’m suggesting is, even though it might not be time or financially efficient, have a back-up plan.

I’ll always keep my land line, as long as there is the option. I’ll always keep my memory stick in case the cloud explodes. I’ll always keep my little black book in case my mobile phone gets stolen, my computer gets a virus or there’s a flood, conflict or an act of GOD that delivers us into a new Age. In my estimation, it isn’t “if” a problem arises, but “when”.


*If you’d like to be on the list, you can send me a private email to let me know: