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Laws of Science echo Laws of GOD

Psalm 119:64 states,

“The earth, O LORD, is full of Your mercy,

Teach me Your statutes.”

Word of GOD and Law of GOD

These two phrases would seem to be disjointed. But what if you link them? If you link them, then the physical earth holds laws that enable us to be protected and blessed, if we live and move under GOD’s statutes. GOD’s mercy fills the earth when His laws are maintained. Mankind on earth is protected by GOD’s mercy directly by the keeping His statutes.

I always have known the logic, the truth of this connection, but I never saw it in scripture before. It has always made sense to me that in living under the wisdom of the Creator of the Universe, man is protected. But I had an “Ah Ha” moment recently when I read this verse and the surrounding text. And I realise that scripture is full of texts like this.

“Teach me good judgment and knowledge, For I believe Your commandments.” (Psalm 119: 66) This is not only philosophical, but it is also scientific.

When we live according to GOD’s Word, we make good judgments. We are not only adhering to GOD’s moral laws, but also his scientific laws. When we are living within the laws of Creation: laws of science and mathematics, geology and physiology, we are naturally, organically, protected. Just as we are spiritually protected, when we follow GOD’s commandments, so are we physically protected.

Wow. It seems so obvious now. And yet, I never saw it so clearly in scripture, until now. 

GOD, Creator of the Universe, has universal laws within the earth and, as mankind maintains them, we experience His mercy.

No wonder the physical earth — as well as society — is decaying as we step away from following Biblical Truth.

Science and the Bible

When a skeptic suggests to you that the Bible isn’t scientific, you can be confident that it is. Logically, if there is a Creator, His creation would stand on the physical principles inherent in His creation. And it does. 

It’s a lifetime of study, but there are hundreds of resources on-line which prepare you for debate and discussion. and are just two starting places. 

Be informed, be not afraid. Your GOD is consistent and you can assure doubters and skeptics that for every question, GOD and His universe have provided the answers.