Preparing the Bride of Jesus Christ

What is Reality?

Recently it has occurred to me that our perception of reality is wrong. If our perception is wrong then what is reality? And how can we know, how can we test to be certain: What is real?

What is reality?

There are two approaches to explaining what is reality… because there are two kinds of reality: the physical and the eternal.

The physically real is that which we see and touch, taste, hear — that which we can test as physically real. In the case of Jesus’ resurrection, there were hundreds of witnesses that saw, even touched Jesus after he rose from the dead (assuming the reader trusts historical documented accounts) and that physical reality of the resurrected Jesus is vital to the Gospel. So GOD recognises that physical reality whilst on earth is important. BUT…

The eternally real is that which is connected with GOD: the everlasting: Holy Spirit. Healing. Anointing. Revelation. These are everlasting.

I want to focus on GOD’s reality

GOD’s reality is harder to prove using scientific testing, but when you know it’s real particularly based on your own journey, your life experience with Him, the earthly, temporal existence we live and experience becomes relatively insignificant. Perhaps that’s why testimony is so powerful. In testimony, we demonstrate how our physical reality has met with eternal reality.

Jesus would have known

Jesus would have known that this earth, this human life, our passing existence is relatively insignificant. Oh, it is very significant when we are here! But measured next to eternity…. it is finite. It pales into insignificance. 

“Consider the lilies of the field…” (Matthew 6) Jesus tells us GOD takes care of the physical reality, and we don’t have to bother about it.

Reality is GOD. Reality is His anointing. Reality is the relationship He has with us. We only become alive when we are are born again, when we are in relationship to Him.

Earthly existence is finite

We put our attention on our earthly existence. For Believers we do recognise, even emphasise the heavenly destination. But every time we worry about the present, our earthly presence, we are saying the physical reality is what is (more) important. And that is simply not true. Distractions come and go. We need to put our greatest effort and attention into what is eternal. That’s my belief. Just as “the weapons of are warfare are not carnal,” (2Corinthians 10:4) so too must the greatest of our attention be not upon the carnal / physical, but on the spiritual / eternal.

GOD and our connection with him is Eternal. Therefore it is of value, of relevance, of importance, even whilst we live in this world. The eternal is what is significant, what is important, what is real.

Ponder this: Matter does not matter relative to the eternal.

Shalom. Happy pondering:)