GOD’S STORY part 69: His mercy & compassion delay human progress

Tower of Babel, multiple languages and the scattering of mankind

GOD is full of love, compassion, patience, mercy. It is out of mercy that He disperses mankind so that their bad choices don’t cause even more destruction. His mercy & compassion delay human progress deliberately. Let’s unpack why…

Preparing the Bride for GOD’s Story.

How do we prepare as the Bride of Christ? One aspect is to learn GOD’S STORY. He created us in His image…. Piece by piece, and peace by peace, we learn to walk as He has walked. And we learn His perspective.

From Genesis 11:8-9,

“So the Lord scattered them abroad from there over the face of all the earth, and they ceased building the city. Therefore its name is called Babel, because there the Lord confused the language of all the earth; and from there the Lord scattered them abroad over the face of all the earth.”

Why would GOD thwart the will of the people whom He created? Why would He give them authority over all the earth only for it to be given away to Satan? 

I can’t help thinking that there are two strands going on throughout history:

Battles against GOD

One strand is a story about mankind learning the power of GOD, abusing it and then some — learning to submit to it, they are trusted to hold it.

The other strand is a story about the Creator of the universe and a jealous and spiteful creation, Lucifer, who needs to learn he is not powerful, that rather, all that he was given was gifted to him, not deserved or earned, but by the grace of GOD.

Ultimately, both stories are about man’s relationship to GOD and His relationship with us, because satan is a type of personality who is like fallen man, choosing  not to surrender to GOD.

GOD’s Salvation Story

In Genesis 11, from verse 8 we see GOD disperse man and confuses the languages as a means to protect themselves from themselves.


So how does that line up today?

First, we all have a means of salvation and have had it for 2000 years. Before that, the Jews had it and to the measure others caught on, they had an opportunity to become a part of “Israel” too.

Why did GOD prevent mankind from creating the tower to reach heaven? In “nothing that they propose to do will be withheld from them”, what was GOD preventing?

Science and Technology advance

We only need to see how science & technology has advanced since maths and chemistry became “universal languages” along with English. Let’s see what mankind has “contributed” to the world since discovery and invention have exploded throughout the Industrial and Technological Revolutions.

We’ve had two world wars in the 20th century and since then: abortion on demand, euthanasia, social and political unrest to disturb our world, and the threat of nuclear war. Most recently, Artificial Intelligence threatens humanity. All of this is thanks to technology. Do you think the LORD anticipated this as He observed the Tower’s design and construction? I do.

We’ve had incredible medical advances. But that also has reduced the miracles in the same societies which have found their own cures. As we have become more self sufficient and self reliant, GOD’s presence and power have been pushed out.

Out of compassion and a consequent delay of the inevitable, GOD dispersed mankind thousands of years ago. He confused language to delay invention which would be — which has been proven to be — self destructive. 

I think this tactic was an act if wisdom and profound love. What do you think?