Reflections and Poetry

Gracious Thoughts: a reflection

Some people are so nice

Have you ever noticed that some people seem so sweet, nice? You know, you’d think they never have a nasty thought about anything nor about anyone.

I’m not naturally inclined to be nice in that way. I’d like to be. And so, I was so pleased recently, as I was driving my car and thinking about another driver who was being inconveniently and unnecessarily slow (from my point of view), I thought to myself,

“Gracious thoughts, Sarah.” 

I thought for a moment, and then I said aloud, “Gracious thoughts. That driver is doing just fine the way he is.”

And in a nutshell, I realised the basic difference between truly nice people and me is, they have gracious thoughts. 

So, I’ve already begun to practise changing thoughts of annoyance or disturbance to thoughts of grace. I am better for it, I am certainly happier for it, and I am being changed.

I may never be as truly nice as some other people I’ve met. 

But GOD is changing me, bit-by-bit, so that I am more a reflection of His grace-full person. 

So, I encourage us all, to transform our thinking “by the renewing of our minds” (Romans 12:2) and choose to be gracious to others, not only in our actions but in our thoughts as well.