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Children as Political Pawns in US… leads us to a Call to Prayer

Yes, Donald Trump DID use children as political pawns in an effort to get Democrats to support needed changes to the US Immigration Policies. But yesterday he signed off on the effort, he softened to the needs of illegal immigrant children before the Democrats, and again showed he will do all he can to make needed changes, break political deadlock, and support the American people.

While the world has been gazing at the immigrant children, within the US there is a lesser but equally dire situation amongst some children’s aids societies and the like, who run sex trafficking gangs and use the children under their care and control to satisfy themselves and their clients:

CPS terrorising families

Mr Trump has said he will not allow a borderless country be made of the USA while under his watch. To quote he said,

“Not on my watch.”

Thank you, Mr President.

Likewise, all children in America need protection against any state which seeks to destroy the family* for sexual predatory and financial gain…. It is part of an international and spiritual move to break down the family as a means to one end: to take over independent thought, religious freedom and human reasoning in exchange for control, power and authority over humanity.

This is a call to prayer

Please let us pray for our children, whether they are in our own country or abroad. Children are under attack in so many ways, and the family unit, once broken, leaves children so vulnerable, not only to poverty and abduction, but to indoctrination and brainwashing. As it has been from the beginning so it is to this day: children are humanity’s inheritance. They are now in mind-boggling jeopardy across the globe. We are indeed in End Times (Matthew 24). I pray Yeshua comes soon, for the sake of our children. On a global scale**, child protection agencies are no longer automatically to be trusted.

*Mr Trump demonstrates by his own life his support of children and the family unit.

**Oxfam Charity and child sexual exploitation