Reflections and Poetry

More What is God: a praise reflection

What is God?

Yahweh, Yehova, Abba. Creator and LORD of the Universe.

These are more than names. These titles identify not only who He is but also What He is.

I am discovering, after thirty years of following Jesus, that there is a level of intimacy that we have with God that also can make us irreverent. We are not equal to Him… No Way!!

“I waited patiently for the LORD

He inclined to me

And heard my cry.” Psalm 40:1

Today I recognised just how He lowers himself to respond to me. Hallelujah! He does, but I need to realise just how much He loves me to incline to me at all.

My insides are quaking right now at the recognition — I am low, He is high. Though by His spirit I can do all and be all He has created me to be, and although I can be like Christ as I die to myself, still, I realise, that Father — Creator of the Universe — is so above me that I can never attain equality with him. I am so grateful for His magnificence in my life.

LORD, You are SO worthy to be praised! THANK YOU.

A Thankful Heart

A thousand thank you’s cannot cover my gratitude. Nor should it, because though He does not make me grovel, though His love removes all my shame, still, I am nothing without His saving grace, His son and His spirit within me. Nothing.

Father, you are so beyond our reach. And yet you have come to us, you have reached down to us, you have inclined to us, forgiven us, blessed us; you smile at us. I gasp at the realisation of the power that you are and the love that you give. And I am both confident in You and humbled by You.

Oh, How He moves me

Inspired by You, Saved by You, Enthralled by You, Encouraged by You, Humbled by You — You are Grace, Beauty, Truth, Purpose, and all reason for living.

You are more than breath, life and adoration. You are All in All. My praise echoes from far below, but I reach for the heavens and the Heavenly Father reaches down to touch me.

How utterly amazing that is!