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News in Great Britain

PM Boris Johnson has come up with a proposal — a new deal with the EU to get Britain out of the European Union.

This three-and-a-half year process has nearly brought Britain to its knees, simply because Parliament refuses to allow the public vote for Great Britain to leave the EU to be recognised and fulfilled.

Well, the now-Prime Minister of Britain is trying to keep his promise to “get us out” and to “get Brexit done” and today, following a funny (we need some levity in this country right now, don’t we?) and engaging speech, his plan arrived in the EU to mixed reaction.

I’m not going into any depth here, because there is simply too much to say. However, I do ask us all to pray for this country, to pray GOD’s will, to persevere and protect the PM, and to have the UK in the palm of GOD’s hand. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Boris Johnson is not a perfect man, but he is the man GOD has put in charge for now. We need peace in this nation and the only way is compromise. But we must compromise to sow good will, and show compassion and forgiveness, not to give up the sovereignty of the land.

And while we’re at it, let’s pray for all the nations of the world, to come into their fullness and the knowledge of Jesus, who alone saves us and draws us to the one and only GOD, Jehovah.

Let us pray.

Amen and Amen