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Sex and Gender Confusion

Sex and Gender Confusion – by Alan Tun

There are two sexes: Male and Female. Every mammal is either one or the other.  It is part of the reproductive scheme; the male contributes a sperm and the female contributes an egg.  Jesus said, “in the beginning God made them male and female” [Mark 10:6].

There are three genders: masculine, feminine and neuter.  This has nothing to do with biology; for example, a ship is of the feminine gender (“she’s fast”).  Also a baby may be referred to as “it” (neuter gender).

Our lord Jesus is male, but he displayed both masculine and feminine attributes (John 11:35).  A male who displays feminine characteristics does not become female, and vice-versa.  Sex relates to identity, gender relates to attribute.  All human beings deserve respect irrespective of what they are like.  Therefore, a girl displaying masculine traits should be treated with respect.  But she is not a boy.  She is a masculine girl.  And vice-versa.  No-one has the right to tell a feminine boy “you are a girl”.  If an adult asks a boy “are you a boy or a girl?” that is mental abuse.  As is telling a boy who likes playing with dolls “you are a girl”.  He is simply a boy wanting to play with dolls.

We live in a time of unprecedented assault on Christianity and the Bible.  Let us be bold and declare God’s truth in the face of attempts at “gender reassignment” by the LGBT lobby.