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UN Human Rights and its Anti-Semitism

Today I received this notice as part of the JNN* news from Israel:

UK DEMANDS UN HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL DROP ANTI-ISRAEL BIAS: The United Kingdom condemned the UN Human Rights Council on Mon. 18 June 2018 over the body’s long-standing anti-Israel bias, demanding the council drop a controversial agenda item placing Israel under intense scrutiny. British foreign affairs chief Boris Johnson slammed the UN Human Rights Council – a 47-member body headquartered in Geneva – calling on the council to drop Agenda Item 7, an item which has made the Israel-Arab conflict a permanent focus of the council. Speaking at the opening of the UNHRC’s 38th session, Johnson said that the UK viewed Agenda Item 7 as “disproportionate” and “damaging”. Johnson also threatened to vote against all motions brought under Agenda Item 7 in the future. “We share the view that the dedicated Agenda Item 7 focused solely on Israel and the Occupied [Disputed] Palestinian Territories is disproportionate and damaging to the cause of peace, and unless things change we shall vote next year against all resolutions introduced under Item 7,” Johnson said. (JNN)”

Finally. Late is better than never. Personally, I stand with Boris Johnson, who is finally standing with Nikki Haley, who is standing for Israel against the unfair treatment by the UN. 

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