For Mothers

For Mothers: Joy


What is joy? It goes deeper than happiness, doesn’t it; if happiness is born out of a particular situation, joy is the sense that no matter the situation, you feel excited, happy, hopeful, positive.

A mother’s joy

It’s wonderful to be pregnant! I was very fortunate in that I had no side effects other than a big tummy. But as I talked to friends about their pregnancies, even if they were ill with morning sickness for example, there was the same anticipation, excitement, vulnerability. When someone is growing with new life — inside you and me — it’s incredible and an experience full of joy!

I remember the first night after my son (I only had one pregnancy, one baby) was born, we stared at each other as I fed him. We were bonding. It was incredible.

Photographing my son on his first day of school I was excited, nervous, scared for him. Such a mixture of emotion and yet, joy was at the root of it all of it.

The first nativity play (do schools still do them?), the first report card, first concert performance… first time taking public transport alone, first car!

I could go on and on and then on a little bit more; but the key point is simple: It’s an amazing experience to be a mom. It’s a huge responsibility, it is a demanding role. It’s a privilege, a challenge, is frustrating… and fun. It’s a total joy to watch someone roll over for the first time, walk, run, feed him/herself, speak…. ask questions, seek answers, argue… with you. 

Depth of life

Before I had a child, life was pleasant, eventful, good! But experiencing motherhood has brought to my life a deeper sense of life, a greater sense of reward than any job, any relationship, any other experience has given me.

I celebrate being a mom, in all it’s pain, challenge, hope and occasional disappointment. It makes me feel alive to engage with my child. 

I’m so grateful for every moment since being a mother. I encourage each of us to be grateful for the opportunity and hold it dearly within our hearts. It can difficult and downright disappointing sometimes. But it is life, offering a vitality life no other.