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Child Sacrifice, Transgender Issues… and Baal Worship

What is at the root of such huge change as regards procreation and sexuality in the post modern era?

Why has the Transgender Issue become such a big deal? How did marriage between two people of the same sex become legal? How is it that gay couples adopt more easily in some Western nations than heterosexual couples?

All of this is rooted in an explosion of Lesbian and Gay Rights, which led the way to Gay Marriage, and is now morphing into a confusion of what is biologically male and female. It’s amazing isn’t it, how much the thinking in the West has been transformed, even just in this last decade? Even gays themselves never expected the legalisation of Gay Marriage back when they simply wanted equality with heterosexual couples living Common Law.

Another aspect of change is as regards abortion. It is virtually “on demand” as a woman’s right in some states; the unborn are not considered human… so that abortion is perfectly acceptable morally.

What is at the root of all of this transformation?

I suspect what we have now in Western Society, with abortion leading the way, is a shadow form of the Baal worship that existed three thousand years ago. Hinged on the sacrifice of children to the god Baal in exchange for blessing, protection and prosperity, is the pagan religion of the same name that seems to be manifesting today in the West under the guise of human rights for women and the transgender community.

Yes, remember Ahab and Jezebel, King and Queen of Israel? There are many Biblical references to pagan worship infecting Hebrew religious practices, particularly that of the pagan Cannanite god Baal, but perhaps it is particularly pronounced during the lifetime of the foreign Queen Jezebel, wife of Israel’s king in the time of the prophet Elijah. (read 1 Kings 16 – 2 Kings 9)

Baal sought child sacrifice. Baal worship gave honour to women. Baal worship is and has always been pagan; today it is replacing the laws and beliefs based upon Judaeo-Christian roots, which honours the GOD of the Bible, His laws and His ways. Yet if you asked most people who believe and follow this new morality, I suspect few would have ever heard of Baal. In fact, some would even consider themselves Christian or Jewish and standing for the rights, freedoms and needs of their fellow human beings as an act of Christian love. Others defend Secular Humanism, not as a faith or religion but as a principle.

I have watched over the decades the escalation of free sexuality. First it exploded as promiscuity, and then to homosexual expression. Beastiality is now on the rise in some Western cultures. But perhaps the most bizaare indicator of extreme change has been the redefining of male and female. Common sense and biology have been replaced by vague feelings of “what I feel like, is what I am” and it has become politically incorrect and taboo to define girls and boys according to their biological parts (I’ve witnessed it in Spain, USA, Canada to site three nations).

I have been reading a book which has suddenly helped me to put my finger on what is really happening. Jonathan Cahn’s book, The Paradigm discusses the parallel spiritual activities behind the Clinton and Obama years with that of Ahab and Jezebel. The information he provides has made me realise the overall sexual transformation is rooted in Baal Worship… The transgender issue, homosexual rights and freedoms, abortion-on-demand are all rooted in the pagan belief system of Baal. This explains the “religious fervour” of politicians who demand changes in our society and disregard sense, freedom, protection of children and the unborn. It’s a religion!

Now that I see behind the individual issues and lump them all together, it seems clear to me that the move is to extinguish Judea-Christian theology and practice in favour of Baal. It is a deeply spiritual issue, not Christianity vs secularism or even atheism, but belief in Yehovah and a following of His ways vs succumbing to the rule of Baal.

Now we recognise Baal Worship: fertility, sexuality, witchcraft and war

This makes it easier to combat (spiritually) the course of change that has been happening. It really isn’t against flesh and blood (Ephesians 6) nor even individual mindsets and entities, but one pervasive force that is influencing the West, drawing us away from our roots to that which is incomprehensibly irrational, forceful, persistent and deceitful. The force isn’t secularism or even atheism, not Eastern religions or even Islam. It is Baal.

So, let’s read up on Baal: it’s practices, it’s system of belief, and it’s passion so we can fight the good fight and finish the race.

“We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers….” Ephesians 6:10 – 16

Read up, pray up, digest and recognise

It is a false religion we are battling, not a series of random attacks from various sources. It is an ancient false religion. Let’s learn about it, recognise it and fight the good fight to defeat the enemy.