Reflections and Poetry

Walking by Faith not by Sight: a reflection

Recently, I returned to England to live. I wrote this while on the plane; I share it now, in the hope it will inspire another who is weary, or wondering if their purpose will ever be fulfilled…

“It has been seven and a half years since I lived in England, and I am returning home. When I lived here, it did not feel like home. I was Canadian-born and quite American in my outlook on life. My personality was gregarious and forthright. At first, I didn’t fit in and even after living here for nearly two decades, I still didn’t feel like Britain was my home. But as I return from a stint overseas, in Canada and then in Spain, I am now very much returning home. What has happened to me to change my perspective? GOD.

My life seems to have come full circle. I’m delighted, because at the heart of all this movement, is God’s clear direction for me and for the family.

Once upon a time as a Believer, I made decisions based on gut instinct. I seem to be returning to that way of living now, as I plan less and trust more. That way of living has brought me back to a country where I once felt outside, but now I yearn for more and more.”

Any new beginning is exciting, and we who choose a life of surrender to our Father experience life with a tingling sense of the unexpected. Surrender can be daunting, because we surrender control; but the result can only be good: rich, full of challenge and expectation.

“Now we only know in part; one day we will see more clearly.” (1Corinthians 13)

I’d like to encourage you

For now, as we ask our heavenly father for direction, and trust His will is in our circumstances, we learn to receive from him and experience deeper joy; as we surrender control, we are released into greater responsibility, which also promises deeper fulfilment. The Father entrusts us with freedom and responsibility that hanging on to control can only frustrate.

If you are yearning for more of God, let go… Let Him take you on a journey to where you know not. Let Him lead. And He will not let you fall.