Reflections and Poetry

Youth Walking Death: a lament

What is this terminal disease called adolescence

that robs the young of peace

that takes the freedom of undying joy

transforming it to glum expressions of despair

or apathy?

What is this walking down the road

in hood to hide his face

the face that blossomed for years and timeā€¦

expressionless, reclusive, declining

or dying?

Where is the vivacity, the joie de vivre

that soaked and luxuriated in laughter

that revved the engines of parent and sibling

facing fury, force, with pleading

or glee?

Tease me again, oh morose one

that I may laugh with you

the face that glowed and grinned and cheered

enthusiasm alight in every fibre

shout again!

I pray and hope this time will die

and not the person inside

with relative ease and satisfaction

find new reason for life and laughter

live again my boy.

The Spirit takes us where He leads

with life and death at hand;

will you choose turning, remaining, steadfast in truth

knowing, living what you know

and enjoy!?