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Street Evangelism: a short testimony of encouragement

What a whirlwind, what a hope. It seems after two decades, life is being rebirth into street evangelism.

What a whirlwind, what a hope. It seems after two decades, life is being rebirth into street evangelism.

Oh, it never died. Street pastors have been working tirelessly, and food banks and lay people have continued to provide food to the homeless. 

But in my life and that of those around me, far fewer have been out on the streets in recent years. So when the opportunity came to me, I heard the still small voice and followed it.

I changed my plans for the day, joined three brothers in the Lord, and went to Oxford High Street. Oxford: centre of academia. Oxford: where history meets contemporary lifestyle. Oxford: where for a few hours, residents met an opportunity as GOD knocked on the door of their hearts. 

Many responded: some with anger, some with mocking, some with hope. We talked to the hopeful, dialogued with the cynical, prayed for the people who passed by.

There were two souls saved, one who learned the name of Jesus for the first time ever. One couple who accepted prayer and perhaps went away considering a lifestyle change.

There was hope in our hearts and we four shared a meal together before disbanding.

There is hope in my heart that there will be much more of this.

For this I live and move and have my being.

When was the last time you felt alive in your life in Christ? It should be every day. May it be so, for me and for you. In the precious name of Jesus, Amen.

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Well done for doing this Sarah it reminded me of the times I was out on the streets speaking to people about our saviour with OM – It was scary and outside my comfort zones but we had some great conversations & your so right you feel alive & full of the Spirit maybe because we are fulfilling the great commission.

I used to often speak to people on the street but it would be while i’m on my own and i would get discouraged. I would tell other believers to accompany me but they would say if that what God has called you to do then you should do it. I would feel more confident if there were other believers with me.

Clive, I have been so hungry to go out but there was no one to go with… I quite relate.
But I’m praying that the Season is now open and many of us will go forward together, ministering in the street.
Who knows!? Perhaps some of those folks who wished you well will now feel the Call themselves:)
Every blessing, Sarah

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